Research and Design Sector

Recent Projects

Radio Simulator
  • Electronic Circuits Design Center

    It's complete hardware and software system which include the following.

    1- Design Center and Pspice

        software for simulation of both digital and analogue circuits.

    It provides the following:

    - Graphical waveform analysis.

    - DC or bias point response.

    - Frequency and time response.

    -Noise behavior.

    2- P-CAD

    - software to design for printed circuit board(PCB).

    - It's used for PCB up to 32 layer.

    - 1 300 components.

    - 32000 pins and 2500 nets.

    - It has a resolution 0.01 mm.

    - It covers PCB up to 60x60 inch dimensions.

    - It can be used for SMT circuits

    3- FPGA System ( FieldProgrammable Gate Array)

    it used for integration of digital circuit in one IC using control

    program for gate arrays

    4- Emulator system

    for programming of micro-controller and microprocessors.

    5- CNC prototype system.

    It's a complete CNC machine for production of PCB prototypes

    All single or double side PCB's can be produced. It performs

    cutting, drilling, and engraving function.


Research and Design Building
Samples Hall

Electronics Reverse Engineering


     The machine is working with reverse engineering technology to manufacture of electronic cards,

    where it export the (Netlist) for any card regardless of  number of layers , size or the number of components.


  • C-Track

     The device measures dimensions of mechanical forms whether it is with  flat surfaces or not

    with precision up to 35 microns and use a laser beam produced by associate scanner and send

    it to computer through a special device controller.