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Recent Projects

  • Tabber and Stringer Machine (ET800-3BB)

    • Table to tabb and solder all type of square and peud square

      solar cells from 52X156, 104 X 156 , 78X 156 125 X 125 

      and 156 X 156 mono crystalline and poly.

    • Throughout of 800 cells/ hour . crystalline both 

    • Breakage rate < 0.2%

    • Quick remote assistance and supervision via internet

    • Camera is used for the alignment of cells.

  • The Layup Station Ecolayup 100 L

    • The layup station is designed to simplify the layup of the strings on the glass .

    • A load arm, with the help of  vacuum pick up the strings and

     turns them clockwise before positioning them on the glass 

     already prepared with the first layer of material.

    • Max module size 2000 X 1200 mm.

    • Quick remote assistance via internet

    • Breakage less than 0.1 %.